Relevanssi Search plugin now available

Relevanssi logo

Relevanssi logo
Today we purchased the developer’s license of the Relevanssi plugin and therefore all sites of the Senlin Hosting Club can now use this plugin too.

Search has always been one of the lesser developed features of WordPress:

The search lists the results in date order, latest first. This is rarely useful. It also searches for the exact query, nothing less and nothing more. In particular, if you’re using WP as a CMS (Content Management System) instead of just running a small blog, the basic search will leave you in trouble.

Many plugin developers have tried to improve this crippled search functionality. But as WordPress has come with new features, these type of plugins also need constant improvement and not every plugin developer is dedicated enough or capable to do that.

Fortunately Mikko Saari from Finland has developed Relevanssi, a WordPress plugin that fixes the search. You get best results first, with highlights showing the exact part of the document that matched the query.

The users of your website will thank you for making their search experience simply work. They’ll be able to find what they’re looking for.

The developer’s license of Relevanssi comes with a whole bunch of features. Actually so many of them that we will not list them here, but you can see them on the Relevanssi Feature page.

If you would like to have this much better search functionality enabled on your website, please let us know and we will assist you to set it up for you.