URL Shortening Service


Today we proudly announce that we have our own URL Shortening Service that can be used free of charge by all members of the Senlin Hosting Club!

What is a URL Shortening Service?
URL shortening services have become especially handy for use in services like Twitter, where your message can be no longer than 140 characters including spacing and punctuation. What the service does is to take a long URL and make it into a short URL of 19-22 characters. There are many of such services available on the net, one of them in particular is bit.ly.


The domain we purchased to be used as our own Shortening URL is senl.in

How does senl.in work?
In short, we will give you login credentials and then you can take any long link you have and run it through the shortener. You can even customize the results from something random to something that makes a bit more sense.
To illustrate this with an example we have taken the URL of one of our members http://www.saltrestaurantbeijing.com, all in all 36 characters. After shortening and customizing the link with our own Senlin Hosting Club URL Shortening Service, this long URL becomes: http://senl.in/SALTbj

Not only does this URL look a lot shorter, it automatically looks like a link shortening service was used and the link says something about where it is pointed at. Another advantage is that you can re-use this link whenever you want and you can track how many times people clicked on it! Last but not least you give a little bit of love back to Senlin Hosting Club and that is of course much appreciated.

If you are a member of Senlin Hosting Club, you will receive an email from us with the credentials that you need to use the senl.in URL Shortening Service.

To link to this article you can use http://senl.in/shourl